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Crane WASP – The Infinite 3d printer

Crane WASP is a collaborative 3D printing system capable of printing houses.

3D-Printed Homes Made of Rice, Clay, and Recyclable Materials Are Energy-Efficient, Architectural Stunners

WASP and MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects teamed up to construct eco-sustainable 3D printed houses using a 3D printer called a Crane WASP. This includes a Gaia that uses natural waste materials, including raw earth, straw, and rice husk, and a Tecla, a new circular housing model, created using entirely reusable, recyclable materials taken from the local terrain. Its walls are developed using a weaving technique and geometric variations inspired by the potter wasp, which helps build a solid construction. These are both high-performing, energy-efficient modules with almost a zero-environmental impact that can be printed in just a few weeks. Thanks to its natural ventilation systems and thermo-acoustic insulation systems, no heating or air conditioning systems are needed. Instead, a mild and comfortable temperature is maintained inside – both in winter and in summer. WASP and MCA will be launching the first prototype of the Tecla near Bologna, Italy.


Crane Wasp: Starting at $25 000 USD

Detailed pricing and recommendations to be supplied on inquiry

Manufacturers detail: WASP 3D

Address: Via Castelletto, 104, 48024 Massa Lombarda RA, Italy

Ph.  +39 0545 87858


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